PUBG new update with special night mode vision

PUBG new update
PUBG new update

PUBG new update: The latest update

PUBG Mobile version 0.9.0 update overview

Tencent Games is all set to roll out a new update for PUBG Mobile users. The new 1.9.0 update for PUBG Mobile will roll out on November 8 for Android and iOS users.

PUBG Mobile servers were taken down for a few hours earlier this morning for maintenance. It is back online now. The new PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 update will be available for download on Google Play Store and App Store. PUBG Mobile has already announced a few features coming with the new update.

PUBG new update
PUBG new update

PUBG Mobile version 0.9.0 patch notes

New mode: Night Mode

  • Players have a 50% chance of entering into Night Mode when queuing for Classic Mode.
  • Night Mode starts at dusk and grows darker until the sun comes up (if you live that long).
  • Make use of the new Night Vision Goggles to stave off the darkness.

Halloween Event

  • New missions have been added the reward pumpkins.
  • Pumpkins can be exchanged for rewards throughout the event.
  • Halloween themed goodies available via the lucky draw.
  • Use the lucky draw by combining Trick Ticket Scraps into Trick Tickets.
  • Spawn island has been spruced up with a number of Halloween goodies.
  • Exploding grenades cause a spooky face to appear.
  • Players eliminated with Hellfire – AKM will have their corpses turn into scarecrows.
PUBG new update
PUBG new update

New Weapon, Vehicle & Related Improvements

  • Added the QBU DMR. It fires 5.56mm rounds and can be found in Sanhok (replacing Mini14).
  • Added the Rony pickup truck. Only available in Sanhok.
  • Added a random music play feature in vehicles. This feature can be turned off in vehicle settings.
  • The engine sound effects of UAZ and Buggy have been remastered.
  • Added driver and passenger views (with improved vehicle interiors) in first person perspective.
  • The bullet spread accuracy bonus from hip fire is slightly reduced when crouching or staying down.
  • The bullet spread accuracy bonus from hip fire is slightly increased when the player is stationary.
  • The vertical recoil and horizontal recoil of AKM have been reduced.
  • Reduced the spread accuracy bonus of certain attachments.
  • Light Grips now increase recoil recovery and stability.
  • The recoil animation when firing looks more realistic now.
  • QBZ and QBU now have new magazine attachment models.
  • The reloading animation of some weapons in both 1st person and 3rd person perspectives have been improved.
  • UMP9, Vector and SLR now have new 4x scope crosshair designs.
  • Added an action that makes the character stand up while the motorcycle is airborne.
  • Added a Brake-button in vehicle driving mode 1 and 2.
  • The sound effects of the Dacia have been adjusted so it sounds the same as the original PUBG.
  • Vehicle lights have been tuned.

Matchmaking Improvements

  • Added an option where the system will first find teammates that speak the same language.
  • Matchmaking has been improved. Finding a match should be faster now and players should reach their appropriate tiers easier. Estimated time should now be more accurate.

Spectator Mode

  • Players can now watch other opponent players until the end of the match after being killed.
  • When spectating in room mode, players can turn on projectile and bullet trajectories.


  • Resolved lagging issues when players encounter other players from afar, or when they open the inventory to change equipment.
  • Added a feature to only download the different files when updating a map. If the game client has been updated to version 090, only 13 MB of data need to be downloaded for Miramar (originally 300 MB).
  • Resolved some game-crashing issues.
  • Reduced loading time when the game is launched.
  • Reduced memory usage in lobby.
  • Resolved blurry screen issues on some mobile phones.
  • Improved game update mechanism and resolved issues that may cause the update to fail.

Crew Challenge

  • Leaders can register their Crews for the Crew Challenge tournament. There are 3 stages: the Qualification, the Groups and Finals. Teams will receive bonus rewards once they enter the Group stage and the Finals. Winning teams in the finals will receive great rewards.
  • Added new currency: Challenge Coin (players will get some Challenge Coins after each Crew Challenge game). Use this in the Crew Challenge Shop to exchange for items.
  • Crews are now limited to 6 players. Only teams with less than 6 players may sign up for the tournament. New teams will have a maximum of 6 players. Old teams with over 6 players may remain as they are, but they cannot recruit more players.

New Settings & Improvements

  • Added a feature to quickly switch between scopes.
  • Added 3 scope opening modes: tap, press and hold, mixed.
  • Added an option to adjust game brightness in graphic settings.
  • Improved the configuration of high & low sound effects. Players will be able to select different settings in future versions.
  • Added an upper limit for the number of scopes picked up.
  • Improved recommendations for 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x scopes.
  • Added customizable buttons for revive, cancel, cancel throwing, reload and overhand/underhand throws.


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